Primer Pilates

Mondays in August at 6:30 pm
$100 for all classes or $20 per class

Join LaurieAnn Scher, registered dietitian and exercise physiologist for a Primer class on the basics of pilates.  This class focuses on the principles of Pilates and Pilates alignment.  It is appropriate for individuals who are new to Pilates as well as for those who want to refine their Pilates practice further with special attention to individual form and more

Shamanic Journeying with Doug through the seasons for Healing & Manifestation

Wednesday, July 20 at 7:30pm
Donations accepted

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The third Wednesday of every month Doug will be leading a class focused on healing and manifesting positive outcomes in our lives while utilizing the energy of the current season. The class structure will be one guided shamanic journey, and one guided meditation connected by a shared intention.

The only requirement of the class is that you attend with a positive intention for your life’s more