Intuitive and Spiritual Readings

Life is about connections from day-to-day relationships to the love of those who have passed that we keep alive through memory. Everyone is surrounded by energy and Lisa receives messages from this energy to help you find peace and harmony.

Lisa’s uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm will amaze, but that isn’t the goal of a reading. Lisa’s goal is to bring you messages for healing and guidance.
Are you worried, confused or troubled? An intuitive reading can help. Lisa will interpret the energy surrounding you to help you find peace, joy and relief. Whether you are missing a loved one, have unanswered questions or are unclear about your future, Lisa will help you find the solution.

Readings typically run 1-2 hours but length will depend on the power and strength of the messages. Some energy pushes itself through and will not be ignored. A 1-2 hour reading costs $100. If the reading extends past 2 hours, the charge will be $120.

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